Be Strong in The Lord

I came across an excellent piece of reading this week by the late Dr. J. C. Wade Sr. This is an excerpt of a sermon he preached in the National Baptist Pulpit between the years of 1973 and 1974. I hope it encourages you.

“If any man (from the human point of view) had a reasonable reason to give up, it was Paul. The thorn in his flesh plagued him. Demas forsook him. The brethren up at Jerusalem evil suspected him. He was persecuted at Antioch. He was stoned at Lystra. He was beaten with rods and thrown in jail at Philippi. He was ignored by the philosophers at Athens. His voice was drowned out by the all-dau shouting of those who worshipped Diana at Ephesus. He was bound in chains and thrown in jail in Jerusalem and in Rome. In Rome he was placed in a dungeon in winter without his coat, his books, and his Bible. He had to stand trial before Aggrippa without a lawyer. He appeared before Festus with only his testimony of his conversion. He was ship-wrecked without a life-boat. Yet out of all his crucial experience he had enough inner strength to pen the words of Ephesians 6:10-18.
There is no reasonable reason to doubt God, or leave Him.

He is too true to be false.
He is too loving not to care.
He is too concerned to be neglectful.
He is too mindful to get.
He is too watchful to sleep.
He is too attentive to leave his own alone.
He is too sure to fail.
He is too punctual to be late.
He is too strong to be dethroned.
He is too steadfast to fall.
He is too dependable not to be trusted.
He is too exact to err.
He is too truthful to lie.
He is too good to be mean.
He is too kind to be unjust.
He is too pure to be defiled.
He is too all-knowing not to know.
He is too all-seeing not to see.
And He is too eternal to be a beginner.

You see God is not a beginner. He is the Beginner in Whom the beginning began. He is the Beginner Who did not begin to be. He is What He was, He Was What He Is, and He Is What He always will be. And that is God all by Himself. Therefore, there is no need to leave Him; for there is no substitute for Him.

He is the God who is sovereign over all.
He is the King who cannot be dethroned.
He is a Guide who knows the way.
He is a refuge to Whom we can fly for safety.
He is the Everlasting Father Who loves all His children.

It is He who laid out the bounds of the orbits–and with His index finger traced the circle of Zodiac. He looses the bands of Orion and guides Arcturus with his sons. He leads the solemn march of the seasons in unbroken succession from age to age. He walks in the virgin purity of the morning and marches with the sombre grey of the evening shades. He touches the mountains and they become molten streams. He rides upon the wings of the wind–and bathes His feet in stellar dust. In the stillness of the night when nature sleeps, God is the Watchman. He holds the stars in His right hand, and it has never quivered beneath their load. It is He who causes the dew-drop on the night winds to fall, and Who scatters the hoary frost like ashes.
Do not doubt Him, but be strong in Him.


You may be going through some rough patches of life and very difficult time right now but you must know that God will never leave nor forsake you.

All in all, If Paul had reasonable reasons and didn’t give up then what is your reasonable reason to give up?
Take courage and be strong in the Lord!

Jesus Christ is coming back soon!
Are you ready to meet Him?

John Henry, founder & teacher,

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